What we do?

The world has never been the same since technology has taken over our daily lives and has made it simpler and less complex by enabling us to get almost everything near us with a single click or tap on our flashy gadgets. We want everything to be on our Smartphones, Tablets, etc. which have become a basic necessity in order to lead our daily lives and function smoothly.

Technology has become an integral part of our lives and without which it would almost be impossible to imagine our livelihood.

Today, we are at a point where one can concentrate on his / her personal growth, give time to family and friends rather than thinking of how to take care of the daily chores and errands just with the advent of new technologies that are at our disposal on a daily basis.

We at Nearr are contributing from our end to the new world with the help of our Augmented Reality (AR) based Shopping App that would allow a Shopper to discover nearby stores, products, deals and discounts etc. across multiple categories.

We envisage every consumer to discover nearby businesses with near zero effort.

We endeavour to make the real world accessible to the people with the help of Augmented Reality (AR).

We make life easier for people when it comes to exploring nearby businesses.

We believe it is our responsibility to let people experience the next level in shopping and doing business. The AR technology that we use in our App would enable people to grow their business and shoppers to shop at ease.

Nearr looks forward to a world that would completely change the way people do shopping and businesses to sell through their brick and mortar stores and would help them grow their revenue that would have never seemed possible some years ago.

So, come with us on this pathbreaking adventure that we call Nearr and indulge in exploring the avenues that are made possible by Augmented Reality (AR).